Manifest: Organic Studs

There are days when we want big and bold to adorn our ears, and there are days when we want something more compact but still unique---something that still expresses our style of being Spirited, Independent and Fierce.  A style that calls to our Bohemian Spirit.
Manifest: Organic Studs
Each individual stud earring is its own design—shaped by fire and vintage tools—and each form one half of a pair, a Perfectly Imperfect pair.  A reflection of each of us and our unions with one another.  It’s all about harmony and balance—not perfection.
Enter solid sterling silver, brass, and copper. I heat these until they glow from within then immediately, blacksmith-style, take my Dad's heavy vintage hammer to the hot metal (yes---it's as exciting as it sounds!) and my vintage anvil.  The metal starts to take on it's own shape under each blow...then as the piece comes closer to the desired style, I lighten the blows, tweaking the edges, sometimes shifting to a lighter hammer (thanks again, Dad) to bring out even more character.  
Then it is back to the fire to attach the sterling silver ear wires I made previously...all of the wires patiently waiting to become part of something beautiful that will adorn someone's lovely lobes and remind them of how unique they are.
After each pair receives their wires, they take a 'pickle bath' to clean them up and then lots of loving polishing to bring out the beauty of their natural imperfections.  
They were not born to hide, but to shine.  Just like you.  Just like me.  
And that is the story of the Organic Studs.