You may be a Fire Sign (power, stimulation, basic energy) or a Water Sign (compassion, feelings, art) if you are a February baby.  And your zodiac sign could be Aquarius or Pisces.   But your stone is Amethyst.

pisces zodiac signaquarius zodiac sign

February is one of those months with a single assigned birthstone in both the modern and traditional birthstone charts.  Thanks to the Roman custom of celebrating February as a month of purification, it is the ideal time to clear out old negative thoughts and practices, and the high vibration of amethyst is the perfect stone with which to clear any bad mojo!

In the spirit of change, amethyst is said to make it easier to give up bad habits.  It also helps with purification, provides spiritual protection and is the stone of wisdom. 

amethyst crystal point with a touch of purple

Amethyst has been valued by many ancient cultures.  Its use has been traced back to the Neolithic Age in 25,000 BC.  Ancient Egyptians used it for amulets, many depicting animals, and beads.  It has also been prized by royalty, used in religious ceremonies, and by magicians.

Greeks and Romans claimed it as a highly valuable stone, with the belief that those who drank from an amethyst chalice would be protected from drunkenness.  This myth came about due to the name amethyst derived from the Greek word amethystos, which means “a remedy against drunkenness.” (Only try this at home 😉)

wine glass over head picture

Amethyst is produced in abundance from the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil where it occurs in large geodes within volcanic rocks. One of the largest global amethyst producers is Zambia in southern Africa with an annual production of about 1000 tons. That is A LOT of pretty stones!  Uruguay, southern Africa produces the darkest known amethyst on Earth.  (Field trip, anyone?)

rough purple amethyst stone with crystal points

Admittedly, as a designer, I have avoided making anything with amethyst because A. I am obsessed with blue and B. it just never felt ‘right’.  Nothing is worse than a ‘forced’ design.  Designs, in my house, need to grow organically.  They must come from my soul.

However, while planning for my spring/summer collection around Thanksgiving last year, something, the universe, perhaps, told me to ‘do amethyst’.  Just to trust and take the purple plunge.  So, I did.  I ordered amethyst cabochons (oh yeah), gorgeous amethyst stone beads, and the most perfect purple little glass beads from Ghana.  And I was EXCITED.  I felt energized by the color and the challenge.  And I was excited because I know so many of you cool, boho babes really dig purple and I could finally make it happen in an authentic way! 

But the real magic happened when I finished the one amethyst and brass-laden design…the Heliotrope Wrap.  When I laid that wrap down and stood back, I felt such good energy coming from her.  I mean, massive good energy.  And it is all because she was made when the time was right, and she was made with love.  Heliotrope was born of my soul. 


Purple Amethyst and Brass Heliotrope Wrap

Then I learned that amethyst is a high vibe, aura protecting stone. I had a ‘whoa dude’ moment.  And I knew it was right.

But enough about what’s in my head (scary stuff).  I hope you love what I’ve created for you out of this beautiful stone with the amazing, royal color…

Thank you for visiting!

Namaste 💜


Purple Amethyst and Brass Heliotrope Wrap as necklace on model with white shirt