The Purpose...

UrbanBohoChic wraps were created with the support of others in mind.  Whenever possible, single parents facing difficult socio-economic situations can earn extra money recreating wraps at home.  No commute.  No babysitter.  No spending money to make money.  We can all use a little help sometimes.

The Mission...

To create handmade jewelry for the free spirit whose boho style is unfettered and always individual.

What Matters...

UrbanBohoChic values fair trade, upcycled and vintage materials, fair wages, supporting other small businesses, reusable/recyclable shipping and wrapping materials, and, of course, free-spirited boho style.



The Spirit of UrbanBohoChic

UrbanBohoChic Jewelry was inspired by my lifelong obsession with jewelry, fashion, and self-expression.   

Fashion has been a passion of mine since I was a young girl.  In 3rd grade, I created paper dolls and put on fashion shows for the other students in elementary school.  I used to sew clothes for my dolls and create studio apartments for them using my empty dresser drawers and materials I would find around my childhood home.  

As a young adult just out of college, I cast actors and managed the costuming for a small TV series.  To this day, my friends seek me out for fashion advice.  Curating an outfit remains fun and satisfying: pulling together different pieces of vintage, new, modern, bohemian, and making it all work.  That is what design is all about in the world of UrbanBohoChic: bringing stones and materials together from all over the world into one beautiful, harmonious piece.

UrbanBohoChic wraps were designed for those of you who love to curate their look.  After a year of trial, error, and research, I found the perfect US made magnetic clasp to give the wrap it’s versatility: wear it as a choker, necklace, anklet, or stacked bracelet.  Your choice, your style. 

UrbanBohoChic was also created with a mission in mind: help economically challenged women earn extra money working from home so they may build a better life for themselves and their families. Wraps were designed to be replicated by hand. As my business continues to grow, I will employ others to help with the replication, paying them a fair wage for their time.  I have already done this on a small scale and hope to expand as business allows. 

Supporting Artisans

Your money can be your voice.  What you choose to buy can reflect what you value. When you buy handmade, you support a living wage.  In return, you received a unique, non-mass produced, high-quality product that will give you pleasure every time you wear it, use it, or simply gaze upon it. And handmade makes gift-giving that much more special.  So, allow me to thank you for buying handmade!  You are helping to support an awesome and creative community.

Materials Matter

UrbanBohoChic designs bring you materials from all over the world.  I work with other small companies, mostly family owned, that are careful about their sourcing.  The sterling silver, brass, bronze, and copper I use in my earrings is all American made, and the silver is recycled.  I make it a point to support other small businesses so that we all may thrive.  Fair trade remains at the forefront. 

UrbanBohoChic embodies the values of local, handmade, fair wage, and effortless boho style.  UrbanBohoChic gives you handmade jewelry reflecting your values of buying with conscience.

Thank you for taking time to read and learn more about the spirit and the passion behind UrbanBohoChic.  Namaste.