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About UrbanBohoChic

UrbanBohoChic is all about incorporating unique, surprising materials; materials with a story and a history.  You will find wraps made with ancient African trade beads, Senegalese fishbone, gold-leafed handmade Raku clay, vintage torse beads (the very same worn by the French Army during the Napoleonic era), grass seeds from African plains, fine Karen Hill Tribe silver, acai seeds, Arizona Kingman Mine turquoise, gorgeous Peruvian opals, ancient Roman glass, handcrafted Ethiopian brass... 
Each wrap represents a coming together of materials from all over the world into one, harmonious 'peace' --- yes, a lovely 'hippy' metaphor for my ideal world view--that we all come together to make something beautiful.  What better symbolism for the Elegant Bohemian?

UrbanBohoChic wraps may be worn at least 6 different ways: a wrap bracelet, triple-wrap choker, long necklace, long and short layered necklace, wrap anklet, and double wrap mid-length necklace. See 'Ways to Wear Your Wrap' for styling tips.

UrbanBohoChic wraps are made by hand, here in the United States.  I work with a small, family-owned business out of Brooklyn, NY, to manufacture my logo tags and a number of female and family-owned businesses from around the world for my materials.  I use American-made magnets* to bring my designs together, making them easy to style and restyle.  

UrbanBohoChic wraps work well on their own or with your favorite pieces and are perfect for travel due to the versatility and deceptively simple design. 


The ultimate mission of UrbanBohoChic is small, local manufacturing employing socioeconomically challenged women and paying them a fair, livable wage.  My design is deceptively simple, but was made to to replicated by hand, keeping uniqueness, quality and limited editions at the forefront.  When you buy UrbanBohoChic, you are buying a beautiful, quality product that reflects the value of providing a living wage.

Handcrafted Jewelry for the Elegant Bohemian.  

*magnet clasps or magnetized jewelry is not to be worn if you have implanted devices affected by magnetism or have been advised to avoid magnetic items by your physician

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