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The Pain of Beauty

Clasps can suck. They can break your fingernails, split your thumbnails and sometimes, not close completely.  You think they are closed and then they slip at the wrong moment.  Goodbye cool necklace from that special trip.  So long fav bracelet from your bestie.  So frustrating. 

Why struggle to be stylish?  Just wrap, let the magnets catch, and go.  Save your nails and the frustration.  And look beauté bohemian doing it. 

Jewelry is meant to be that finishing touch.  Wraps make completing your look easy.  And if you change your mind later, you can change it up.  Just.  Like.  That.  Necklace.  Bracelet.  Anklet.  Simple.

Supporting Artisans

Your money can be your voice.  What you choose to buy often reflects your values. You choose to buy local and/or handmade, cutting out the middle person, and reducing or eliminating the unfair wage issue.  The gift to yourself is receiving a unique, non-mass produced, high-quality product that will give you pleasure every time you wear or behold it. Thank you for buying from the handmade community!

Materials Matter

Creating UBC jewelry is like embarking on a treasure hunt.  It’s a thrill to bring you stones in unique forms, beads you’ve never seen and use them in surprising and stylish combinations.  I am constantly on the hunt for something amazing to share with you, with fair trade at the forefront.  It’s an obsession!

UrbanBohoChic embodies the values of local, handmade, fair wage, and effortless boho style. 

UrbanBohoChic gives you handmade jewelry reflecting your values of buying with conscience.

Jewelry that raises your vibration.



*magnet clasps or magnetic jewelry is not to be worn if you have implanted devices affected by magnetism or have been advised to avoid magnetic items by your physician
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