A Soothing Balance

Some of you may know that I still hold a fulltime job.  I am the Office Manager for a local health bureau.  Needless to say, work has been INTENSE.  Stress is the new normal for many of us.  With that, please make sure you are taking care of yourself!

Despite these circumstances, I’ve been more determined than ever to create unique boho designs to raise your vibration.  Different and wearable---yet balanced and soothing.  Ergo the Infinity and Roman Glass Window designs.  All part of the Bohemian Queen collection.

How are these made?

Each earring starts out as multiple pieces of sterling silver or brass wire of varying thicknesses. I cut and shape the wire into multiple circles of varying diameters and ovals.  (So many circles!)  Then, each circle or oval is filed, soldered and pickled to remove the fire scale (which happens when you apply heat).

After soldering, each circle or oval is hammered to achieve an old-world effect.  The selective hammering imparts lots of gorgeous texture. 

Once I’m satisfied with the texture, all the different sized circles are aligned and soldered together to create a balanced, beautiful frame.  This frame gets pickled again, washed, then polished to a super high shine.  Polishing is where the magic happens…all the hammer strikes turn into beautiful facets of brass or sterling.  Imperfect Perfection. 

What kind of materials?

With the exception of the stones or beads used, all earring components are handmade by me.  The brass Window earrings use ancient Roman glass found in the soil of Afghanistan.  This glass is 2000 years old and may have been part of a drinking cup, a plate, or some other sundry.  I pair the glass with vintage brass French torsé beads ala the Napoleonic era and spicy sandalwood from India.  Unexpected combinations make the best combinations.

The sterling silver Infinity earrings simply showcase the best a stone has to offer.  I am partial to the moonstone.  This is some of the most iridescent moonstone I have seen.  And the shape is quite unique, too! 

Creating these earrings has been exciting and challenging.  I wanted to bring you something soothing and balanced yet unique.  I hope you love the look and style as much as I do!