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The Tower of Bead Babel

Treeza with Intention

Terry Fasano apatite charity domestic abuse intention kyanite turning point

No one starts out in life to be a slave to another...Treeza was no different.  But her life, full of promise, soon turned out to no longer belong to her.  Her Story, in Her Own Words... It was an arranged marriage. I was so happy, I still remember the day I flew to USA with a beautiful dream in my eyes. Dream of having my own family, a loving husband and our children. But as the days passed my dreams began to lose colors. I was emotionally, physically and sexually abused by him every day. I remained indoors all the...

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Manifest: Organic Studs

Terry Fasano bench made benchmade brass copper hammered handcrafted organic silver sterling stud earrings studs tools vintage

Manifest: Organic Studs
Each individual stud earring is its own design—shaped by fire and vintage tools—and each form one half of a pair, a Perfectly Imperfect pair.  A reflection of each of us and our unions with one another.  It’s all about harmony and balance—not perfection.

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Terry Fasano behind the scenes blog creation crystals design diamonds handmade quartz stones stories

These STONES!  These stones have been throwing a party in my right brain and it's leading to the sweetest design hangover...that...I don't wanna' get over...(queue shiny disco ball!) I have seen Herkimer's before---but mostly in pictures.  When I laid my little hands on these babies in person, I was smitten.  Totally blown away, in love, and compelled to share my beautiful find with you. A LITTLE HERKIMER HISTORY Herkimer Diamonds are not real 'diamonds' but are dual-terminated, quartz crystals mined in Herkimer County, New York State.  Simply put, they have two pointy ends, very rare in crystal formation.  What amazes...

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