Treeza with Intention

No one starts out in life to be a slave to another...Treeza was no different.  But her life, full of promise, soon turned out to no longer belong to her. 

Her Story, in Her Own Words...

It was an arranged marriage. I was so happy, I still remember the day I flew to USA with a beautiful dream in my eyes. Dream of having my own family, a loving husband and our children. But as the days passed my dreams began to lose colors. I was emotionally, physically and sexually abused by him every day. I remained indoors all the time not Because I wished it but that is what he wanted. I was raped every day. The only option I had was to cry. Until one day I decided to leave that painful life. I called the cops on him when the cop came he circled the number for me and asked me to call as soon as possible.

I called that number and was rescued by the Turning Point staff. My struggle wasn’t over yet. I was out of the abuse, but it had left its effects on me. I was depressed and suffered from PTSD.  I couldn’t sleep and neither could stop thinking about it for days and months. I started attending the support group facilitated by Turning Point.  They helped me develop a plan to cope up with my stress and overcome my fears and insecurities.

I implemented the learnings of my therapy into my daily life activities. I’m a different person today - a person, who is more confident and strong willed. I was homeless and had no family or friends in this country. They provided me a secured place to live, sufficient food supplies, and clothing. Turning Point is also helping me to establish my immigration status.

I cannot thank them enough for every support, guidance and this gift of new life.  I now have a new goal. A goal to look forward and dream again.


I don't know about you but it was difficult for me not to be upset after reading Treeza's story.  The thought that someone felt they had the right to enslave someone else for their own purposes?  Their own pleasure?  Let's just say, her story made me angry.  

The Treeza with Intention wrap is for her and all other women who came before, and will (sadly) come after, her.  As you just read, Treeza, with the help of Turning Point, was able to break her chains.  This wrap was designed, with intention, to help support the cause of Turning Point of Lehigh Valley.   Each stone was chosen for their metaphysical meanings (and for those of you who know me, I am meta but more origin-based).  Although new, I designed this wrap twice.  What you see now is a second-gen design---I chose stones that were bigger and bolder and heavier.  This wrap has weight.  It has meaning.  It represents the weight of stories like Treeza's and the meaning of helping. 

Turning Point of Lehigh Valley offers counseling, legal advocacy, outreach education and medical advocacy to help victims return to normal life.  Donations may be made at any time to Turning Point of Lehigh Valley by texting TPLV to 50155 or via their website

This wrap will be reproduced with the same type of stones but in countless variations for many years to come...for as long as domestic violence and abuse continues.