SHIBUMI - beauty in the understated

Beauty is an oft celebrated attribute that is so subjective and so alluring.  Even to those who eschew the term or reject what society at large defines as 'beauty' find that it is hard to turn away from things that captivate us with their very appearance.  Objects that possess beauty engage multiple parts of our mind and transport us, if just for a moment, either away from where we are or further into our own psyche.

Japanese culture has a defined one type of beauty as Shibumi.  It is one of the seven Zen aesthetic principles. Shibimu is the appreciation of  beauty in the understated.

blue kyanite brass silver bronze mixed metal delicate earringsblue kyanite drop earrings delicate brass bronze sterling silver mixed metalsblue kyanite drop earrings

The Shibumi Collection was inspired by the sheer enjoyment of simple beauty: Zen lines showcasing the stones and the wearer. 

Each stone is suspend from a clean, continuous circle, dangling below an organic, hammered post resembling an ancient nail head.  These delicate, easy to wear earrings embrace a gentle, simple design.  They are refined Bohemian Chic celebrating a subtle wabi-sabi aesthetic.  Each component is hand-crafted blending brass, bronze and sterling silver.

Stones featured are kyanite, aquamarine, and amazonite.  Blue stones were chosen to impart a sense of calm and ease to the wearer.  Kyanite provides insight, aquamarine offers clarity, and amazonite is the stone of loving communication.  Which blue speaks to you?